2012 version of the HOLIDAY frame

Almost at the shops!! By the way: We have this one also in 18″ toptube very limited!! You can order directly from us. I don´t think that model will be in the shops if I remember correctly!

This one has a little bit higher toptube to make the frame stronger. Also on the 19.5″ version the back end is little bit shorter. I can´t remember the specs of it but they´re good, trust me!

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2 clips from BERT RIBUL

Sorry… Been a long time since I updated.. I am having a full time job elsewhere outside of bmx so that´s why I am not keeping things consistent sometimes in terms of updating the site.

Jungle Rider is doing very well and the new products are almost out there at the shops!

Meanwhile enjoy the new clips of Bert Ribul:

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Denes… And RJS once again!

Altrough Denes is not on a Jungle Rider frame on this clip he still rips it up on this RJS edit!!


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RJS surprises again with a great edit!!!

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Flat Web Tv Season 2…

Thank you guys for giving an opportunity to explain lil´ further…

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Paid the cost to be the boss, hahah:

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First time in 21 years I am bikeless…

When I started out riding long time ago there was this one dude in Finland who was already deep into the game of flatland. Timo “2 fresh” Lanki. He became my role model immediately and helped me out to get started. We spendt endless amount of hours on empty parking lots, night sessions and winter sessions in the car park of Vartsa. And yes, always took the bus number 97 back home after riding sessions. For me it was a clear decission to give my current bike to Timo because I know that he is propably one of the only friends I have who will store it nice and safe in case one day I get married and re-start riding, hahah. Check it out:


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