JUNGLE is known for to be an enviroment of an ultimate existence of freedom. Freedom for me means (for example) I can ride my bike however, whenever and whereever I want to without anybody limiting me to do so. Freedom is also related to freestyle which is one of the artforms of flatland bmx.

RIDER is me. RIDER is you. RIDER is the one who rides the bike for the pure reasons.

That´s why my mind spitted out JUNGLE RIDER.

My plan with Jungle Rider is to build a proper sponsor with strong foundation for flatland. Right now there isn´t really a sponsor with pure love for flatland.
I want to help out upcoming talents as much as I can and keep the spirit of “originality” alive.
Ground Tactics is there to give opportunities for riders all over the world to present their skills to everyone and that´s why each sold Jungle Rider product donates certain amount to the winners of Ground Tactics.



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